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Creating the Best Submission

Want to know how to create the “Best Awards Submission” for the Food and Drink Business Awards?

We have created a twelve-step guide on how to create the Best Awards Submission for you

Step 1 – Make sure it is the right category for your business

Your company is here to win!

  • Research and Figure out which category you have the best chance of winning in and continue from there

Step 2 -Timing

Be realistic about timing!

  • It will take time to complete your application. Allow time for internal approval before submission.

Step 3 – Honesty is the best policy

Be truthful about your business and what you are about!

  • At the end of the day, you are being rewarded for what you do.
  • Make sure it is clear in the submission of what you are about and what you stand for.

Step 4 – Have a strong opener

Make your entrance a bold one!

  • You are trying to captivate an audience. Make your submission stand out from the rest right from the start.

Step 5 – Be aware of word count

Know your limit!

  • Make sure that while you are getting all your strong points across, there is a word count!

This is very important.

Step 6 – Back up your success with metrics

Show off who you are as a Company!

It’s great to show off how well your company is doing, but make sure you have evidence to back this up!

Step 7 – Supporting material

Make it easy for the judges to make sense of your entry!

One way of doing this is to provide context and background. In addition, facts and figures can improve your awards entry.

Steps 8 – Answer questions properly

Make sure you are writing what is being asked of you!

  • Read the questions carefully. Keep to the topic of what is being  asked of you.

Step 9 – Say goodbye to PR jargon

Make it easy to read.

  • Always use proper English with the correct grammar, it’s never a good idea to use shorthand. You are trying to impress the judges with your words.

Step 10 – Write persuasively

Engage the reader.

  • You want to grab the reader’s attention. Use compelling words and an active voice.

Step 11 – Comply

Make sure your awards submission is compliant.

  • Making assumptions could cost you an award!
  • It is important  that you play by the rules. If you are unsure about your interpretation of the specifications, rules or requirements………ask the organisers.

Step 12 – Captivate your audience

It needs to hook the audience.

The summary section of your award application is often the most important part of the submission because it sets the stage for the rest of your submission. You want the reader to remember your submission.

Entry Checklist
  • Registrant Contact Information
  • Company Title
  • Company Overview
    • In 300 words or less, summarise your company, products and key markets
  • Category Submission
    • In 500 words or less, submit your entry based on category description
  • High-Resolution Logo
    • minimum 300dpi up to 2 MB, png, jpg or gif format
  • Any Supporting Documents
  • Read the Terms & Conditions