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Entry Guidelines

A Step by Step guide of how to enter the IMR Manufacturing & Supply Chain Awards

Step 1

Before you Enter the awards make sure you have picked the category that you wish to enter.

You can only enter 3 categories per company. To see a full list of our categories click here.

Step 2  – Registration

If you are submitting a new entry select the link under the button

If you have already started filling out your entry form click the button Submit an Entry

See images below

Step 3 – User Registration

  • If you are submitting a new entry you will be asked to fill out your details and your companies details
  • If you are a new user you will be asked to fill out your information and your companies information you will need:
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • A Password
    • Country
    • Phone Number
    • The Name of your Company
    • The Company Address and Eircode
    • Your Company Logo in High Resolution
    • Your Company Size (Micro 1-10, Small <50, Medium <250, Large, 250 +)
    • Your Companies Twitter Handle
  • Click submit when you are finished filling out all of the details to be brought to the next part of the entry form

Step 4 – Complete you Entry

  • Choose the Category that you wish to enter.
  • Fill in your Entry Title
  • Once you have selected the category you are entering the questions related to your category will appear. 
  • For Example: If you are entering ‘Smart Factory Manufacturer of the Year’ you will be asked:
    • Company Overview
    • Use of Data and AI
    • Operational Design
    • Supply Chain Innovation
    • Impact on External/ Internal Customer
  • Each heading has a 300-word limit
  • Additional materials can be uploaded to help support your answers such as Testimonials, Client References & proof of facts.
  • An Additional supporting image and a video link can also be uploaded
  • Click Submit when you are finished or Submit & Add New if you are entering another submission

Step 5 – Edit Submission

  • Once you have clicked Submit, you will be brought to ‘My Submission’ page
  • View your submission by clicking the icon that looks like a screen
  • Edit your submission until the entry closing date by clicking on the icon that looks like a pen and paper.
  • Duplicate your submission by clicking the icon that looks like two pages and use it as a base for another submission
  • If you are duplicating your submission or adding a new one, you won’t be asked to enter your account details again.
  • You can click on My Profile to view your account information
  • To submit a new entry click on the button ‘Submit a New Entry’.