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Circular Economy Leadership Award

Sponsored by:

CIRCULÉIRE is pleased to sponsor Ireland’s first Circular Economy Leadership Award, a brand-new category at this year’s 2022 Manufacturing & Supply Chain Awards.

This award seeks to recognize industry actors who are demonstrating sectoral leadership in transitioning their business or supply-chain(s) towards a circular economy model. Nominees for this award must illustrate the ways in which they have embedded circular innovation within their business or supply chain or how they are enabling circular economy innovation within their supply chain or sectors.

Entry Criteria:

Company Overview
Circular Economy Innovation*
Supply-Chain / Sectoral Leadership


Supporting Documentation – Including Testimonials

*Circular innovation tends to relate to implementation of multiple circular economy strategies which include, but are not limited to; Design for Circularity; Product Service Systems; Asset Utilisation; As-Is Re-Use; Remanufacturing; Repair; Refurbishment; Take-back Schemes / Circular Reverse Logistics;; Circular Procurement; Industrial Symbiosis etc..

**Impacts from circular innovation tend to include, but are not limited to, waste reductions; greenhouse gas emission reductions; job creation, retention or upskilling and impacts on national public policy / regulatory frameworks